One Click Lipstick Pencil Suppliers

One Click Lipstick Pencil

One Click Lipstick Pencil

Type: Click Pen
Number: AEL-227
Lead: ∅ 7.9 x 53.5 mm
Length: ∅ 12.8 x 116.5 mm
Net Wt: 2.2G


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One Click Lipstick Pencil Details


1. It Is Created As Pencil Shape, And Uses The Press Button To Replace The Twist Up Appliance.
2. It Takes The Direct Filling Technology, So The Bulk Is Much Softer Than Lipstick In Market.
3. Smooth Bulk Appearance And Non-Grain Point Is Another Advantage.



The material classification:

Matte Formula: Easy Coloring, Long-lasting And Nature, Velvet Effect;

Moisture Formula: Good Moist Degree, Shiny, Easy Coloring.


How to use: