Define Eyebrow Pencil Suppliers

Define Eyebrow Pencil

Define Eyebrow Pencil

Type: Multifunctional Pen
Number: AEL-119A1
Lead: 2.75 x 3.7 x 37 mm
Length: ∅ 10 x 143 mm
Net Wt: 0.3G


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Define Eyebrow Pencil Details


1. Very Soft Brush Can Make Natural Eyebrow.
2. Classic Shape With Brush.
3. Four Formulas, Six Colors For You.
4. Eight Kinds Of Tip Shape.



The material classification:

Hard Squeezing: Drawing Smoothly, Easy Coloring, Not Fade, Without Sticky Feeling.

Soft Squeezing: Well-Bedded, Soft Texture, No Dregs, Easily Color, Most Balanced Effect.

Soft Pouring: Very Easy To Color, Draw Eyebrow In One Line.

Long-Lasting Pouring: Soft Texture, Easy Coloring, Lasting All Day, Easily Draw The Eyebrow.


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