114A5 Brow Tattoo Suppliers

114A5 Brow Tattoo

114A5 Brow Tattoo

Number: AEL-114A5
Capacity: 1.0 mm
Cap Size: ∅ 8.5 x 36.9 mm
Length: ∅ 9 x 124.9 mm
Net Wt: 2.0 ml


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114A5 Brow Tattoo Details


This liquid eyebrow pencil has quadruplicate nib design. It looks like a tattoo on the texture of a single eyebrow with clear root, natural, and strong durability.



The material classification:

Hard Squeezing: Drawing Smoothly, Easy Coloring, Not Fade, Without Sticky Feeling.

Soft Squeezing: Well-Bedded, Soft Texture, No Dregs, Easily Color, Most Balanced Effect.

Soft Pouring: Very Easy To Color, Draw Eyebrow In One Line.

Long-Lasting Pouring: Soft Texture, Easy Coloring, Lasting All Day, Easily Draw The Eyebrow.


How to use: