What to pay attention to when choosing an eyebrow pencil


The soft texture does not damage the skin. Easy to colo […]

The soft texture does not damage the skin. Easy to color. The eyebrow pencil comes in two colors, black and brown. The pen holder is available in plastic and wood, and is equipped with a metal or plastic pen cover.
Eyebrow pencils and pencils, although very close in shape, have different materials. The material of the pencil is graphite, and the primary material of the eyebrow pencil is grease (castor oil, lanolin, etc.), waxes (whale wax, white wax, ceresin, etc.), pigments, essences, and the like. These materials are mixed, heated, decorated, cooled, rolled into a refill after being collective, retouched, and then packaged.
When choosing an eyebrow pencil, the length of the pen must meet the requirements, the appearance and decoration should be beautiful, and the pen core should be close to the pen and there must be no looseness. The hardness of the refill should be moderate.