What to do when I blink my eyes


What should I do if I keep blinking while drawing eyeli […]

What should I do if I keep blinking while drawing eyeliner? Blinking is a natural function of the eye. When a foreign object approaches the eye, it blinks sharply to prevent the foreign object from entering the eye. Therefore, when the method of drawing eyeliner conflicts with the function of the eye, the eye will blink constantly to maintain itself. Therefore, it is required to follow the function of the eye when drawing the eyeliner to solve this problem.

The following are specific solutions for eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers, and nail polish manufacturers.

(1) When drawing the eyeliner, put the mirror at the level of the chest, the mirror is horizontal to the body, then lower your head, naturally drop the eyelid, let the eyes open into a slit, and look at the mirror, so that it can be clear from the mirror When you see the eyelashes on your eyelids without blinking, you can easily draw the eyeliner.

(2) When drawing the eyeliner, do not look directly at the pen tip, but from the mirror, so that the obstacle in the mirror will not pose a danger to the eyes, so it will not blink.