What is the skill of using the eyeliner?


Which eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufactur […]

Which eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers use eyeliner tips?
1, light drawing
When you just learn to draw the eyeliner, you must not be too heavy, but you should choose the method of light drawing, because you can avoid the too thick and heavy eyeliner painting. If you are not satisfied with the light drawing, you can continue to change. If the painting is heavy, then It doesn't have to be fixed.
2, divided into three sections
If you can't grasp the length of the eyeliner, you can't guarantee that you can get it in one step. Then you can divide the eyeliner into three sections to draw, step by step, so that you can adjust it in time.
3, the eyeliner can be sprinkled with a little loose powder
Loose powder is mainly used to fix the makeup effect. If you are worried about the simple makeup of the eyeliner, you can use a little loose powder to fix the makeup after the eyeliner is finished, so that it will not be easily smudged, and the retention time will be longer.