What color is good for eyebrow painting, color selection criteria for eyebrows


What color is good for eyebrow painting? This is to cho […]

What color is good for eyebrow painting?

This is to choose according to your hair color, skin color and eye size. Below, Nivea Shenzhen Makeup School introduces you to the color selection criteria of eyebrows.
One: hair color vs eyebrow color
The color of the eyebrows and the color of the hair are preferably in a color system. The depth and the depth are not too large, so that the eye makeup looks natural. If the difference is too large, the eyebrow color needs to be changed.
The most convenient and effective way is to change the eyebrow color by applying the eyebrow cream. What we need to do is to observe the color of the hair.
1. If the hair color is brownish yellow, you can choose the brown eyebrow pencil.
2. If the hair is black, consider a dark brown or gray-black eyebrow pencil.
Two: skin color VS eye color
Skin color is also the reference standard for eyebrows to choose eyebrow color. Dark skin must not choose light red eyebrow color, dark brown or grayish eyebrow color is more suitable, and light skin color should consider light brown or brown eyebrow Pen or eyebrow powder.
Three: eye size VS eyebrow
The size of the eye also has a certain relationship with the choice of eyebrow color. If the eyes are bright and large, the moon is sharp and the eyebrow color should not be too light. It is suitable for bright and dark eyebrows, and the eyebrows can be thicker.
Conversely, if the eyes are soft or the eyes are too small, the eyebrows are suitable for a weaker hue, and the eyebrows can be tapered accordingly.