What about eyeliner makeup?


What about eyeliner makeup? Eyeliner strokes will inevi […]

What about eyeliner makeup? Eyeliner strokes will inevitably lead to smudge makeup. Learn the following four tips to avoid eyeliner smudge! Take a look with eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers together.
One: Set makeup to improve eyeliner halo makeup
Before applying eye makeup or eyeliner, use powder puff to apply powder or loose powder, and set the makeup carefully on the eyes. In addition, in the direction of the eyeliner and the root of the eyelashes, you must press the powder. The makeup is done, and the eyeliner is not easy to stun.
Two: superimposed eye shadow to improve eyeliner smudge makeup
After the eyeliner is drawn, use the eyeliner brush to pick up the same color eye shadow and superimpose it on the eyeliner. This will not only vague the edge of the eyeliner, but also make the eyeliner more durable without stun.
Three: Make-up eye base to improve eyeliner halo makeup
Compared to loosening powder and foundation makeup, the oil control effect of eye primer will be better ~ Before applying eye makeup, apply a thin layer of eye primer, so this eyeliner is not afraid of blooming!
Four: Change eyeliner products to improve eyeliner halo makeup
Many girls choose eyeliner when they are new to drawing eyeliner, but eyeliner is one of all eyeliner products that is easy to stun. Therefore, it is recommended that we use eyeliner and liquid eyeliner to draw eyeliner. If you are worried about drawing poorly, you can try eyeliner.