The eyebrow pencil couldn’t be bought casually. I was shocked after reading it.


How important is eyebrows? As early as in the Book of S […]

How important is eyebrows? As early as in the Book of Songs, I used the "dagger moth, clever smile, and look forward to the beautiful woman" to describe the beautiful woman.
But the eyebrows are also a difficult point for makeup. The eyebrows are full of products. Sometimes the old drivers don’t know how to choose. Today, they will concentrate on Hong Kong and Hong Kong. As for the thrush method, there have been tutorials before, you can poke a word eyebrow. , Meteor eyebrows, wild eyebrows, which eyebrow shape is right for you?
Human hand
Pointed type
Suitable for: sparse eyebrows
A pencil-like pointed-type eyebrow pencil is a kind of eyebrow pencil commonly used by a child. It is very suitable for drawing a well-defined line in a place without eyebrows. The shortcoming is that the coloring ability and the waterproof and oil-proof effect are generally a little urgent, but Xiao Bai's mistake is easy to correct.
Round head
Suitable for: light and light
Round head eyebrow pencil is a very versatile existence, you can adjust the size of the pen, the color will not be too thick, the little fairy with a small eyebrow will draw a few more pens, the little fairy with thick eyebrows will be drawn up, then adjust with the eyebrow brush, basic You can draw a passing eyebrow.
Flat head
Suitable for: broken eyebrows, less hairy people
There are two kinds of situations in which the eyebrows are broken. One is that the eyebrows are thick and the eyebrows are not even, and the other is that the eyebrows are missing a part. Many male stars will use a broken eyebrow to concave shape, and put a Charlie Puth little brother privately~
But if girls are not on the cool route, they will not be so concave. Filling the gap between the eyebrows requires a soft eyebrow product that can be colored over a large area. The flat-browed eyebrow pencil is obviously much more efficient than the pointed one.
A little fairy with a low eyebrow can also choose to brush it, but it is not as delicate as a pointed eyebrow pencil.
Chopper type
Suitable for: light eyebrow star
The chopper type is actually very similar to the flat head type. The flat and flat strokes are linear in shape, which is suitable for the outline of the eyebrows. The term chopper type is unique to Shu Uemura. Shu Uemura has a formula for oil and oil. The eyebrow pencil can only be colored on the eyebrows. Therefore, the little fairy who lacks the eyebrows has no way to save it with a chopper-type eyebrow pencil.
Liquid eyebrow pencil
Suitable for: makeup master, hairless star
The biggest feature of liquid eyebrows is the sharpness of the pen, extremely color and long-lasting, which allows the hairless stars to draw a natural eyebrow. But it will also be a mistake to make a thousand hate, a good use is a painting, it is a shi. Recently, the liquid eyebrows have also been upgraded, and a lot of tattoos have appeared, which is more durable than your boyfriend.
These eyebrow pencils are known to be more effective than the eyebrows. I think how hard it is to unload, and I’m rushing to tell you that this is the moment to witness the miracle.