Teach you to choose your own eyeliner


1. Wooden eyeliner What you will achieve: a natural eye […]

1. Wooden eyeliner

What you will achieve: a natural eyeliner for beginners. But simple blooming.

How to use it: The wooden eyeliner is the foundation for you to use other eyeliners. Because the texture of the refill is strong, it is very easy to draw the eyeliner, and because of the texture of the wax formula, it is also suitable for blooming for smoky makeup. But it also means: wooden eyeliner is easier to wipe off and faint makeup.

2. Rolling eyeliner

The effect you will achieve: slightly thicker eyeliner because it cannot be cut thinner. Suitable for people with single eyelid and thin folds.

How to use: Suitable for those who love to use wooden eyeliner and need to go out and make up again and again. Because it does not require you to repeatedly sharpen the pen and it is easy to use. Because the texture is hard, draw an eyeliner from both sides.

3. Fine rolling eyeliner

The effect you will achieve: a natural inner eyeliner that is not exaggerated.

How to use: When drawing, lift your chin and let the eyeliner draw on the inner side of the eyelashes at a uniform speed. It will make your eyes more energetic but not obvious.

4. Sponge liquid eyeliner

The effect you will achieve: matte ink thick eyeliner.

How to use it: The sponge-head eyeliner is basically black. If you want to go to a party, you need a particularly exaggerated black cat eyeliner. The sponge head is suitable, but even without mascara, it is a good eye makeup. It is worth noting that the lid of the eyeliner should be tightly closed because this sponge head tends to dry out.

5. Brush head eyeliner

The effect you will achieve: eyeliner that flows without makeup.

How to use: The liquid texture of the brush eyeliner is often the same as honey, between sticky and thin, so you can draw a very flowing eyeliner. But you need to give the moment of satisfaction to make the eyeliner dry, so that it will not faint on the eyelids. Even the non-waterproof eyeliner can be used with confidence by people with double eyelids.

6. Fine brush eyeliner

The effect you will achieve: the usual widening eyeliner, suitable for office workers to draw.

How to use: Beginners can first draw an eyeliner with a wooden eyeliner, and then use eyeliner to outline the eyeliner to prevent mistakes. After proficiency, you can sketch directly.

7. Eyeliner

What you will achieve: various types of eyeliner. More suitable for more exaggerated cat eye liner, etc., suitable for makeup masters who are very skilled in eye makeup.

How to use it: In general, eyeliner will be equipped with a brush, point one point from a part higher than the pupil, and draw the eyeliner from the end of the eye to the head. It is a simple method that will not pull the eyelid.