Several cute eyeliners


Many novices learn the eyeliner part of the eye is the […]

Many novices learn the eyeliner part of the eye is the most difficult, because it is easy to draw on the skin around the eyes if you accidentally, let's take a look at how to draw a small series!

For the eyeliner, I am a very persistent girl, and I have to draw the eyeliner when I go out. Because my eyes are very ignorant, but after I drew my eyeliner, I immediately swayed the spring... Hahaha. Before I recorded a video with a special eyeliner, I will follow you today to teach you 9 simple and fashionable eyeliner!
Natural inner eyeliner
The first one is the natural inner eyeliner, which is the most often drawn by me! After painting, there is a beautiful effect. The drawing method is: raise your head slightly upwards, gently lift the upper eyelids with your fingers, and then slowly fill the roots of the eyelashes with an eyeliner. The fake eyeliner is also the most basic eyeliner.
Daily eyeliner
The second is the daily eyeliner, which can be drawn every day and is not easy to make mistakes. It is very suitable for beginners. On the basis of the inner eyeliner, use the eyeliner to extend a little along the direction of the tail of the eye. For beginners, you can use your fingers to gently lift the upper eyelid painting, which is not easy to make mistakes.
Beauty eyeliner
The third type is the beautiful eyeliner. This painting method can make the eyeliner look rounder, and the effect is particularly obvious when taking a self-portrait! On the basis of the previous eyeliner, use the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner directly under the eyeball, and visually enlarge the eyeglasses as if wearing a beautiful eye. If the baby is too small to think that their eyes are too small or want to make their eyes bigger and rounder, try this eyeliner! You can also add a little black eye shadow on the top so it is not easy to remove makeup.
Drooping eyeliner
The fourth type is the drooping eyeliner. The Japanese innocent eye is such a painting. It is not unreasonable to be red in Japan for so long! It can make the eyes more radiant, by extending the eyeliner with the eyeliner in the direction of the end of the eye and making it thicker.