Several cute eyeliners 2


Dog eyeliner The fifth is the dog's eyeliner. This pain […]

Dog eyeliner
The fifth is the dog's eyeliner. This painting is really beautiful and can make your eyes bigger! Use eyeliner brush to take eyeliner and gently swipe it at 1/2 of the end of the eye. Note that eyeliner should not be taken too much.

Open eyeliner
The sixth type is to open the eyeliner, directly save the eye surgery (there should be applause here), gently open the eye with your fingers, and draw a "eye" with the eyeliner.

Normal cat eyeliner
The seventh type is the common cat eyeliner, the makeup effect is obvious, and it is a bit fascinating. At the end of the eye, draw a 45° eyeliner and add weight, then connect the 1/3 of the back of the eye, and finally fill the gap. The cat's eyeliner is drawn well. This eyeliner is more difficult for the novice, but don't be discouraged. Try it a few times. Maybe you will see it!

Fun cat eyeliner
The eighth is a fun cat eyeliner. On the basis of the original cat's eyeliner, use an eyeliner to connect the end of the eyeliner to the end of the double eyelid fold. This eyeliner is more fun, but I know you have to say no everyday!

Vibrant cat eyeliner
The ninth is the vitality cat's eyeliner. Many people have been asking me what eyeliner should be drawn in the single eyelid. This is completely for the single eyelid! On the basis of the fun cat's eyeliner, use the eyeliner to cover half of the folds of the double eyelids. It doesn't matter if you draw the wrong one. You can also use a cotton swab to adjust the shape properly! This eye makeup is more exaggerated, more suitable for party nightclubs or performances.