• Choice of eyebrow color

    Choice of eyebrow color

    A pair of glowing eyebrows can make the entire person's eyes burn. Drawing eyebrows can not only deepen the three-dimensional sense of the entire person, but also make people more radiant. So what sho...

    Dec 28,2019 News
  • How to draw eyeliner

    How to draw eyeliner

    Want small eyes to become bigger, eyes bigger and more godly? How can we be less careful? Many MMs choose to draw eyeliner, but be careful when drawing eyeliner. Do n’t draw “over the border” to the i...

    Jan 03,2020 News
  • What about eyeliner makeup?

    What about eyeliner makeup?

    What about eyeliner makeup? Eyeliner strokes will inevitably lead to smudge makeup. Learn the following four tips to avoid eyeliner smudge! Take a look with eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manu...

    Jan 11,2020 News
  • The dangers of poor quality eyebrow pencils

    The dangers of poor quality eyebrow pencils

    First, cause skin problems. Generally speaking, if you use the eyebrow pencil for a long time, it will easily cause the pores at the eyebrows to become clogged, and then the pores will become thick an...

    Jan 21,2020 News
  • How to prevent eyeliner smudge

    How to prevent eyeliner smudge

    Apply eye primer You should know that eye primer can prevent eye shadows from removing makeup and accumulating lines. In fact, it is also very useful to handle the smudge of eyeliners. MMs can apply s...

    Feb 10,2020 News
  • Eyeliner color selection

    Eyeliner color selection

    Brown If you want to draw daily eyeliner, it is recommended to choose dark brown or dark coffee color eyeliner, soft and versatile, which is very suitable for daily eye makeup. Black Very versatile ey...

    Feb 14,2020 News