• Eyeliner painting and techniques

    Eyeliner painting and techniques

    The eyeliner is the soul of a eye makeup, and a good eyeliner determines your gas field. Today, I teach you to use the eyeliner pen to draw the eyeliner. For those who don't draw eyeliner, be sure to ...

    May 25,2019 News
  • Little knowledge about eyeliner, how much do you know?

    Little knowledge about eyeliner, how much do you know?

    Oriental women can often use the eyeliner to outline a more pleasing eye makeup and show the three-dimensionality of the eyes to compensate for the shortcomings of the eyes. However, how to use eyelin...

    May 31,2019 News
  • How to use eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow

    How to use eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow

    After combing the eyebrows, determine the general shape of the eyebrows. After clearing the positions of the brows, eyebrows, and eyebrows, trim the excess eyebrows. In the process of eyebrows, you ca...

    Jun 10,2019 News
  • Pencilstick common sense

    Pencilstick common sense

    A lipstick and an eyebrow pencil are the beginning of many women learning to make up. Although there are many kinds of make-up products, although we have a lot of channels to understand the basic skil...

    Jun 17,2019 News
  • Matte lipstick

    Matte lipstick

    Matte lipstick also contains fine glitter particles, but this particle has the ability to reflect light. After painting, it will produce a natural texture that will not be very bright, but the overall...

    Jun 21,2019 News
  • Cosmetic knowledge 1

    Cosmetic knowledge 1

    General products: skin cream, skin lotion, skin lotion, body lotion, bathing, etc.; easy to contact ophthalmic products: eye skin care, facial mask, facial cleansing, etc. According to its role, it is...

    Jul 01,2019 News