Man makeup quick cheats: eyebrow makeup


Eyebrow makeup: full bloom of male hormones Now she sta […]

Eyebrow makeup: full bloom of male hormones
Now she starts to pay attention to you, and what do you want to use to convey information to her? Of course, it is eyebrows and eyes. Otherwise, how can there be an idiom like "Browsing Eyes"? First of all, eyebrow makeup, among the five senses, men's eyebrows are often more attractive to attract women's attention, a pair of handsome and handsome eyebrows will make your male hormones burst out, so you should not ignore them.
Don't worry, it is not too cumbersome to take care of men's eyebrows. You don't have to use a ruler to measure various extension lines on the face, and you don't have to think about the popular eyebrows. Just make a slight correction on the original eyebrow shape, use eyebrow tweezers or eyebrows. The knife removes the eyebrows. Next, what you have to do is "set" and "color". Just like using hair gel to give the hair a concave shape, your eyebrows need to be shaped with the help of eyebrow glue. No eyebrow glue can be replaced with transparent eyelash base cream or even her transparent lip gloss. After shaping, apply the eyebrow cream or eyebrow powder - the brow is lighter, the eyebrows are the darkest, and the eyebrows are natural. Look at the mirror. Does it look more handsome and man?