Little knowledge about eyeliner, how much do you know?


Oriental women can often use the eyeliner to outline a […]

Oriental women can often use the eyeliner to outline a more pleasing eye makeup and show the three-dimensionality of the eyes to compensate for the shortcomings of the eyes. However, how to use eyeliner or eyeliner, many women regard it as a very tricky, difficult makeup method, preferring to avoid it, so as not to miss the hand, make the eye shadow makeup that is not easy to draw together and ruin!
Choose eyeliner or eyeliner:
Eyeliner or eyeliner can emphasize the lines of the eyes, but the eyeliner can use the fingers to smudge, creating a softer feeling, easier for beginners to operate; the eyeliner draws more dense, relatively more lines Obviously, for people who are easy to draw, they often feel that eyeliner is easy to use. But no matter which one you use, you must consider the quality of the eyeliner or eyeliner. It is best to have a soft texture and hypoallergenic and low irritation to the eyes, because the eyes are quite fragile.
"Pen" eyeliner
The tip brush of the eyeliner should be elastic. The elasticity directly affects your ability to adjust the thickness of the eyeliner, and it cannot be split, which is good for depicting the edge of eyelash growth.
Bottled eyeliner
The advantage of bottled eyeliner is that it is generally more saturated than the "pen". Shake the eyeliner bottle to make the liquid even and try it on the back of the hand. When using, when the liquid rod of the bottled eyeliner is drawn out, carefully drain the excess liquid from the eyeliner on the bottle mouth of the eyeliner, and wipe the pen body, because the pen body filled with the eyeliner is easily absorbed. Eyelids, the eyeliner dries quickly, and it is difficult to wipe the eyelids clean.