Is eyebrow pencil feasible as an eyeliner? Little common sense about entanglement between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner


First, silty When you put on makeup, you often find tha […]

First, silty
When you put on makeup, you often find that the eyeliner is not very sudden, only to find alternatives will be supported. Many sisters will get used to using the eyebrow pencil instead of the eyeliner. Can the eyebrow pencil really be used as an eyeliner? Generally speaking, this method is not very good, because the ratio of the two is different from the aspects of the material powder, so the difference in the effect will be relatively large, and it is easy to damage the skin of the eye. . Let's compare the difference between the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner.
The eyebrow pencil powder is a hard powder, easy to remove makeup and unevenly colored, and the lines are hard.
Eyeliner powder is designed for eye skin and generally contains oil-repellent ingredients to prevent makeup loss, easy to color and smooth lines. The refill is also relatively soft.
Second, color
Eyebrow pencils can be found on the skin and can be found to have uneven color and hard lines. And most of the eyebrow pencils are not easy to color due to the characteristics of the eyebrows. They need to be drawn back and forth many times. If used as an eyeliner, this action will damage the skin that is fragile.
Most of the eyeliner is extremely easy to color and smooth and easy to draw. This is an eyeliner that the eyebrow pencil can't replace.
Third, the material
The hardness of the eyebrow pencil refill is relatively hard, because it is used for the drawing of the eyebrow.
The requirement of the eyeliner is just the opposite. Because of the particularity of the eye skin, the refill of the eyeliner must be soft and easy to color, so as not to cause repeated problems such as fine lines on the eye.
In summary, the eyebrow pencil is not suitable for use as an eyeliner.