• Eyeliner without makeup

    Eyeliner without makeup

    One: Makeup improvement, eyeliner, halo makeup Before applying eye makeup or eyeliner, use powder puff to apply powder or loose powder, and set the makeup carefully on the eyes. In addition, in the po...

    Nov 29,2019 News
  • How to use eyebrow pencil correctly

    How to use eyebrow pencil correctly

    In the direction of Meifeng, use the eyebrow pencil to quietly draw a "ヘ" shape as a mark. Quietly draw in the vicinity of what you think is the eyebrow peak, don't be very accurate. 2.From the peak o...

    Dec 06,2019 News
  • What to pay attention to when choosing an eyebrow pencil

    What to pay attention to when choosing an eyebrow pencil

    The soft texture does not damage the skin. Easy to color. The eyebrow pencil comes in two colors, black and brown. The pen holder is available in plastic and wood, and is equipped with a metal or plas...

    Dec 14,2019 News
  • Eyeliner drawing techniques

    Eyeliner drawing techniques

    The following are eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers. Be light and write lightly to avoid drawing eyeliners that are too heavy, too thick, or too thick....

    Dec 20,2019 News
  • Choice of eyebrow color

    Choice of eyebrow color

    A pair of glowing eyebrows can make the entire person's eyes burn. Drawing eyebrows can not only deepen the three-dimensional sense of the entire person, but also make people more radiant. So what sho...

    Dec 28,2019 News
  • How to draw eyeliner

    How to draw eyeliner

    Want small eyes to become bigger, eyes bigger and more godly? How can we be less careful? Many MMs choose to draw eyeliner, but be careful when drawing eyeliner. Do n’t draw “over the border” to the i...

    Jan 03,2020 News