How to use three-in-one eyebrow pencil? Eyebrow pencil eyebrow brush three steps


The first step is to use the eyebrow pencil to position […]

The first step is to use the eyebrow pencil to position the eyebrows to position a smooth lower line.
Then outline the line, the upper line 3/4 is to be flat, and the bottom 1/4 starts to bend down.
After the entire eyebrow shape is outlined, begin to fill the gap with the eyebrow powder and evenly fill it.
Finally, use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows in one direction, so that the three-step painting, the eyebrows will be supernatural, fluffy, like your own eyebrows.
When using this eyebrow pencil, pay attention to the order of the thrush. Don't use too much force when sketching the outline. You can do it gently, because this eyebrow pencil is still very easy to color; remember to fill it with eyebrow powder, this will make The color of the entire eyebrow is evenly blended, and the pressure should be light, otherwise it will be painted as a crayon.
Its eyebrow pencil is in the shape of a chopper, with a pointed tip and a wide head. The eyebrows are well outlined, the lines drawn are clean and neat, the color is just right, and naturally the hand is not afraid to become a crayon.
Sponge eyebrow powder is also very well colored, which can quickly and evenly fill the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are thicker, use only the eyebrow powder. If it is a baby with very thin eyebrows, it can also be used together with the eyebrow pencil to fill the gap.
The part of the eyebrow brush will not be very hard, and some eyebrows will scratch the skin. This is not, it is moderately soft and soft, and it is very natural.
I used this eyebrow pencil and it feels really convenient! Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow brush three-in-one design, very portable! You don't have to bring a bunch of eyebrow pencil products out of the house anymore~ and it's especially good to get started. In 30 seconds, you can also draw a pair of very natural plush eyebrows, a well-deserved thrush artifact! When the time is very tight, in order to save time, I often don't draw eyebrows. When I go out, I paint in the elevator. Is it very clever?