How to use eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow


After combing the eyebrows, determine the general shape […]

After combing the eyebrows, determine the general shape of the eyebrows. After clearing the positions of the brows, eyebrows, and eyebrows, trim the excess eyebrows. In the process of eyebrows, you can use your hand to pull the eyebrows to make the eyebrows near the repair. The skin stays tight, which makes it easier to scrape the eyebrows. If you have long eyebrows, you can cut them with small scissors.
After determining the position of the brow, eyebrow, and eyebrows, use the eyebrow pencil to connect the brow to the eyebrow, and then draw an upper edge line to the eyebrow. From the lower brow to the eyebrow, draw a lower edge line along the eyebrow and draw the frame. Auxiliary line, this can greatly reduce the time of the novice thrush, small tips: because it is the auxiliary line, so the frame only needs to look at it on the line, try to gently write down, do not have too deep abrupt lines.
Use the eyebrow pencil to follow the direction in which the eyebrows grow, and fill the eyebrows a small number of times. The color from the brow to the eyebrows is deep and gradual, the position of the brow will be shallower, and the brow is deeper. If you want the three-dimensionality of the eyebrows to be more sufficient, you can use the eyebrow powder for the second fixation and filling. It is still a small number of times, and the color of the brows to the eyebrows slowly deepens.
After the coloring is done, in order to make the eyebrows look more natural, you need to use the eyebrow brush or sponge head to smudge the eyebrows.