How to prevent eyeliner blooming


The following eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner ma […]

The following eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers talk about how to prevent eyeliner blooming?

Use eye primer products

You should know that eye primer can prevent eye shadow from removing makeup and accretion. In fact, it is also very useful for dealing with the smudge of eyeliner. MMs can apply some eye primer products on the upper and lower eyeliner areas. It is completely okay to apply on the roots of the eyelashes, so that when painting the inner and outer eyeliners, you can control the oil and keep the makeup intact.

Apply Eyeliner Harmony

Adding a layer of harmonious liquid to the already drawn eyeliner will have the effect of an eyeliner raincoat and will form a protective film to prevent the eyeliner from blooming. At the same time, this diluent can also be mixed with your favorite eye shadow powder, and then it can also be used as an eyeliner.

Apply a layer of eyeshadow powder of the same color on the eyeliner

A layer of eye shadow powder of the same color can also be superimposed on the drawn eyeliner to achieve the effect of setting an eyeliner. This not only makes the eyeliner more durable and does not take off the makeup, but also makes the eyeliner look more soft and natural. Assuming that you are still uneasy, you can mix the eye shadow powder with the harmonious liquid mentioned before and then superimpose it on the drawn eyeliner with an eyeliner brush. Such multiple protections will definitely satisfy you.

Eyeliner products that use waterproof and anti-blooming

In fact, a good method is to use an anti-smudge eyeliner to be a good choice. It is effort-saving and convenient. Of course, if you use a combination of waterproof eyeliner and makeup removal tips, the effect will be better, and the durability will also be. Better.