How to look at the quality of eyebrow pencils


1.Color rendering of eyebrow pencil After all, the prim […]

1.Color rendering of eyebrow pencil

After all, the primary purpose of using eyebrow makeup is to make it appear. If you paint for a long time, your eyebrows are still shallow, not showing mountains or leaking water, what is natural use. Of course, in terms of the type of eyebrow pencil, the color rendering is from strong to weak. Generally, the liquid eyebrow pencil is larger than the pen-shaped eyebrow pencil and the powder eyebrow pencil. For the same type of eyebrow pencil, you can try it directly on the back of the hand when testing the color rendering. Of course, the liquid eyebrow pencil can basically distinguish the color rendering, and the powder eyebrow pencil may be a pencil-shaped eyebrow pencil, which can be applied repeatedly Three times, investigating its color on the back of the hand, it can restore the color of the pencil core or eyebrow powder, which is generally more than 50%. If it is less than 60%, do not choose it.

2. The softness of the eyebrow pencil

This quality identification is primarily aimed at pencil-shaped eyebrow pencils. Soft and hard eyebrow pencils are the best choice. Otherwise, the eyebrow pencils will be too hard for half a day to draw colors. The feeling may be grainy, and the eyebrows drawn are also stiff without natural beauty. Generally speaking, the material of the pencil core of the pencil-shaped eyebrow pencil is waxy and fatty, which is a compromise choice in terms of softness and hardness. Waxy waxes such as wax, beeswax, etc. Cocoa butter and so on. The soft and hard judgment during the trial is that a slight force can leave clear and visible signs on the back of the hand, without hurting the skin, and without stickiness and graininess.