How to look at the quality of eyebrow pencil


1, the color rendering of the eyebrow pencil After all, […]

1, the color rendering of the eyebrow pencil
After all, the main intention of using eyebrow pencils is to make it appear. If you paint for a long time, the eyebrows are still shallow, and there is no water leaking. What is natural? Of course, from the type of eyebrow pencil, the color rendering degree is from strong to weak, generally the liquid eyebrow pencil is larger than the pen-shaped eyebrow pencil than the pink eyebrow pencil. The same type of eyebrow pencil can be used directly on the back of the hand when testing the color rendering. Of course, the liquid eyebrow pencil can basically distinguish the color rendering degree, while the powder eyebrow pencil or pen eyebrow pencil can be repeatedly painted. Three times, observe its color on the back of the hand, can restore to the refill or the color of the eyebrow powder, generally more than 80% is better, if you are below 60%, do not choose.
2, the hardness of the eyebrow pencil
The identification of this quality is mainly for the pen-like eyebrow pencil. The soft and hard eyebrow pencil is the upper selection. Otherwise, the eyebrow pencil will be too hard for a long time and the color will not be painted. The eyebrow pencil is too soft and will be sticky on the eyebrows. Feeling or grainy, the eyebrows drawn are also hard and have no natural beauty. Generally speaking, the refills of pen-like eyebrow pencils are made of waxy and fat, which is a compromise between soft and hard mountain, waxy white wax, beeswax, etc., such as lanolin. Cocoa butter, etc. The soft and hard judgment at the time of trial is that a slight force can leave a clear color trace on the back of the hand, and it will not hurt the skin, and will not present a sticky feeling and a grainy feeling.