How to cut the eyeliner


As for how to cut the eyeliner, the eyeliner looks like […]

As for how to cut the eyeliner, the eyeliner looks like a pencil. In fact, it is not so simple to cut it. If it is not noticed, the refill will be broken. If it is a general pencil sharpener or a utility knife, it is possible to cut the eyeliner, but be careful when using force. If the force is too strong, it will be very simple to cut the eyeliner. And when using a knife to cut the time, pay attention to safety, prevent the skin from being scratched, and carefully patience, some can be cut.
As for how to cut the eyeliner, in addition to the general pencil sharpener and utility knife, there are also special makeup items for the eyeliner. When using the eyeliner sharpener, it is more and more simple to prevent the eyeliner formed by the force problem from being damaged. And such an eyeliner does not require a good knife and experience, just pay attention to slowly, you can cut off everyone's eyeliner. And such things can be bought in the market, everyone can go to the price.
If you are too troublesome, you can use the pencil sharpener that cuts the colored pencil directly, because such pencils and eyeliners are similar in hardness. So if there are children in the family, basically they all have such a pencil sharpener. If you use this knife to sharpen the pencil, the effect is still quite good. Therefore, it is not difficult to solve the problem of cutting the eyeliner.