How to choose dummy lipstick?


A small lipstick is amazing. When you are tired and lis […]

A small lipstick is amazing. When you are tired and listless during a day's work, it can make you look bright at once. When you are not sleeping well, it can also make you look ruddy and shiny. You're right! Women always lack a lipstick! Haha~~~

So, do you know how to choose a lipstick that suits you?

The choice of lipstick can be summed up in the following two aspects: according to makeup and occasion, and according to season. Lipsticks are usually used in more formal occasions, such as banquets, weddings, meetings, appointments, work, etc. Daily occasions can choose youthful vitality lip gloss, lip gloss, and so on, color can be chosen with their own preferences. Formal occasions should be based on their day's makeup, clothing to match the choice of lipstick color, texture. On occasions such as banquets, parties, weddings and interviews, lipstick should be chosen with extra caution. The colour should not be too glamorous or too light. It's better to choose lipstick with matte velvet texture, low-key and temperament. In summer, it is more suitable to use shiny lip glaze. In winter, it is recommended to choose mute lipstick with high moisturizing degree, and choose warm red, orange and bean paste colors as far as possible.

Some people don't understand the difference between Lip Glaze and lipstick. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the difference between lipstick and lipstick. First, lipstick is solid and lipstick is liquid. The effect of upper lip glaze is more moisturizing and full. The solid lipstick will have a better color rendering, non-sticky, strong covering power, after use, it gives people a strong sense of aura, with strong color tension. From the persistence point of view, the upper lip of the lip glaze will form a film, which is not easy to stick to the cup after film formation. Lipstick is relatively easy to stick and fade, the more moisturizing the lipstick, the faster it fades, while dry lipstick is relatively less easy to fade.

As for the choice of color, it is necessary to choose according to their skin color. Choosing the lipstick color that suits their skin color can enhance their personal color and charm. Asian skin color is basically yellow, try to choose warm lipstick, such as: bean paste, warm orange, orange, and so on can be. Like what Barbie powder, fluorescent color and so on are not suitable for yellow people to use, will appear darker complexion, make-up face is dirty. Dark skin people try not to choose too conspicuous and too bright color, can choose red, darker aunt red, red brown, plum color and so on. Whiteskinned people are happy, no matter what color, as long as they like it.