How should novices draw eyeliner?


1. First of all, choose the eyeliner that suits you. It […]

1. First of all, choose the eyeliner that suits you. It is recommended that we can try it on the hand at first to see if the eyeliner can be painted quietly and it is very color-producing. If it is difficult to paint on the hand, then using it to draw eyeliner will not be very fluid, and it will simply pull the skin around the eyes.

2. When drawing eyeliner, be sure to meet and finish it in one breath. Especially for beginners, when drawing eyeliner is very simple, it will lead to hand-shake, which leads to residual painting. Therefore, it is recommended that we can rest the little finger on the cheek or use the elbow to rest on the table to maintain balance. It is more conducive to control, and can prevent the eyeliner from being distorted.

3. When the preparation work is done well, you can start to draw eyeliner. The eyeliner is mainly divided into three parts. First, confirm the position of the eye, the middle of the eye, and the end of the eye, and then divide it into three points using the eyeliner.

4. When drawing these three points, first check whether the points of the left and right eyes are on the same horizontal line. So we can directly place the eyeliner on the parallel point of the eyeliner, and then check it again.

5. Check whether the points of the two eyes are parallel and backward, then connect the three points with an eyeliner, and then trace back and forth a few times. The eyeliner drawn by this gesture will be very symmetrical, and it will look smoother and more natural.