How does the eyeliner work?


1, add eye drops Eye drops are products that can be dri […]

1, add eye drops
Eye drops are products that can be dripped in the eyes. We don't have to worry about adding eye drops, which will cause damage to our skin around our eyes. When dropping eye drops, don't drop too much at once, otherwise the lines drawn by the eyeliner will not look good.
2, add toner
We can drop the right amount of toner on the eyeliner. The texture of the toner is very gentle, it can moisturize the eyeliner, and make the line of the eyeliner very moist and smooth.
3, hot water soak
If you buy an eyeliner and find that it is not good to draw the eyeliner, you can tighten the lid and soak it in hot water for tens of minutes, so that the water vapor will soften when the eyeliner ink is hot. This method is more suitable for winter. Freeze the condition of drying.
4, press a few times
If it hasn't been done with the eyeliner for a long time, then maybe there is still no water for a while, and you can press the tip of the pen a few times on the back of the hand and draw a few more lines to smooth the eyeliner.
5, swing a few times
There is a water supply tank in the center of the eyeliner pen. There may be a situation in which the drying is stopped. Therefore, it can be shaken before use. After the shaking force, the residual ink will dry out, so that the eyeliner can be continuously drawn.