Eyeliner painting and techniques


The eyeliner is the soul of a eye makeup, and a good ey […]

The eyeliner is the soul of a eye makeup, and a good eyeliner determines your gas field. Today, I teach you to use the eyeliner pen to draw the eyeliner. For those who don't draw eyeliner, be sure to look at the eyeliner's drawing techniques and techniques.
If you want to draw a good eyeliner, zero failure is guaranteed. Of course, this can be achieved through practice. Today, I teach you how to use some small tips to draw eyeliner, so that you can also have masters like makeup masters.
First take a small piece of transparent glue, first stick a few times on the back of the hand to reduce its stickiness, then align it with the curvature of the lower eyelid. Observe the eyeliner and shake it a few times to ensure that the eyeliner can Smoothly flowed out. Then, along the back half of the upper eyelid, start to draw the eyeliner at the root. Use transparent glue as a ruler to extend the eyeliner along the direction of the transparent glue. When extending, there must be a process from coarse to fine, which gives the eyeliner a natural state. After drawing the eye, let the eyeliner dry, and then slowly peel off the transparent glue from the bottom up. Then add the eyeliner of the upper part of the upper eyelid to make the eyeliner of the entire lash root penetrate through, forming a smooth line. You can slow down when you paint, as long as the eyeliner can be connected into a line. Finally, check that your eyeliner is not painted, and fill the area where there is no fill between the roots of the eyelashes. The entire eyeliner does not need to be very supple, but it must be complete without voids.