Eyeliner drawing techniques


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Be light and write lightly to avoid drawing eyeliners that are too heavy, too thick, or too thick.
Use the "gradual" stacking painting method, and slowly draw out the eyeliner.
You can quietly pour on a layer of foundation or powder to make the makeup of the eyeliner long-lasting, not easy to faint, and able to restrain the oily eyes.
Avoid drawing eyeliners. This old-fashioned drawing method outlines the entire eye, but it is too outstanding and very unnatural.
Do not leave a gap between the eyeliner and the eyelid, it will make the proportion of the eyes strange.
Draw as close to the root of the eyelashes as possible to enhance the denseness of the eyelashes.
Use eyeliner or eyeshadow powder to draw on the part near the eyes, and quietly push away with your fingers, you can create a nose-like effect, making the nose more three-dimensional.
The color of the eyeliner is also very important. The colors that are sure are still dark brown, iron gray, and black. This color is very suitable for Easterners. Bright colors such as orange, red, and gold should follow the makeup of the eyes. To match, otherwise, if the painting is not good, it will not be in harmony with the color of the pupil.