Eyeliner color selection


Brown If you want to draw daily eyeliner, it is recomme […]


If you want to draw daily eyeliner, it is recommended to choose dark brown or dark coffee color eyeliner, soft and versatile, which is very suitable for daily eye makeup.


Very versatile eyeliner, almost no mistakes. For everyday use, use black inner liner and brown outer liner.

Light color

Light white and other light colors are suitable for enlarging the eyeliner, and are generally used to brighten the corners of the eyes. Correcting the eyes can open the eyes.

Wine red

For autumn and winter eyeshadow color, we will be more inclined to wine red, in addition to black eyeliner, dark wine red is also a very good choice.

Bright color

Orange, purple, red, pink, etc. are suitable for party dinners. Do n’t forget to pull up at the end of your eyes, it is even more charming.

Cool color

Green, blue and other general casual and vivid clothing are allocated, a little bit at the end of the eyes, more vivid and smart.