Eyebrow pencil method of distinguishing between true and false


1, look at the packaging, about the different brands of […]

1, look at the packaging, about the different brands of eyebrow pencil, there are certain packaging. Assuming that it is spread out from the outside, and it is cheap, if you don't have to talk, you know it's fake.
2. Under normal circumstances, behind the eyebrow pencil packaging, there will be the title of the brand, as well as the logo. When you are viewing, you should be careful, and different brands of different brands, please also consult.
3, after opening, also look at the internal packaging is not intact, for example, must have instructions, as well as the date of production and production batch number included in the inner packaging. These basic contents are all available.
4, a good eyebrow pencil, the eyebrow pencil will be cautious at the head, there is no feeling of cracking, and the texture of the wood is also better. If it is a defective one, it will use the wood of the residual to make its periphery, and even have a chemical smell.
5, the general eyebrow pencil production, but also the eyebrow pencil itself is an eyebrow pencil, there is no other decorations, assuming that you have too many decorations on the eyebrow pencil, it may be fake, just to Attract you to buy.
6. After unscrewing, you have to look at what the eyebrow pencil looks like in the end. For different levels of eyebrow pencil, there will be a series of numbers. So, look at it, is there a sign of the series? If it is not, it is false.
7. At the time of the eyebrow pencil, you should also draw a look at what color it is. The color of the general eyebrow pencil is not particularly strong, and there will be a light feeling. This is to let us draw a stroke, not a stroke. Draw the wrong feeling.
8, generally good eyebrow pencil, there will be an anti-wear thing in the eyebrows, for example, metal sheet. Suppose you see that you don't have this on the eyebrow pencil you bought. It's really common to have it in order to add its useful life.