Choice of eyebrow color


A pair of glowing eyebrows can make the entire person's […]

A pair of glowing eyebrows can make the entire person's eyes burn. Drawing eyebrows can not only deepen the three-dimensional sense of the entire person, but also make people more radiant. So what should be paid attention to when choosing eyebrow pencils? Let's talk about eyebrow pencil manufacturers, eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers.
There are two types of eyebrows that have a high utilization rate: eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder. Whether they are eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powders, they all have clear color differences. To sum up the beauty products on the market, the colors of eyebrow pencils can be roughly divided into four types: black, gray, light coffee, and chocolate. Don't look at the color of the eyebrow pencil, but it can safely meet the needs of various makeup artists.
The color of the eyebrow pencil depends on the color of the eyebrows. Since sailing from a visual aesthetic point of view, one wants to reach a kind of beauty together. The color of the eyebrows must be the same as the color of the hair. And you will find that no matter what color of hair you dye, you can find the corresponding eyebrow pencil to match.
For example, if you have black hair, then a black eyebrow pencil and a gray eyebrow pencil will be more suitable for you. Because the black eyebrow pencil is close to the hair color, but the smeared color will be darker, so the black eyebrow pencil is not used by many people. . After applying the gray eyebrow pencil, it appears black and gray, which is a color that is not thick and light, and it is closer to the color of the eyebrows.
Assuming your hair belongs to the yellowish color, it will be more suitable for chocolate eyebrow pencil. Its color density is similar to that of gray eyebrow pencil, but the color is yellow, and the color of the hair is very close to the hair. There will be a slight sense of disobedience.