Air cushion lip pencil silently sold over the sky! Create professional and natural lip makeup


Guide:: Lipstick lipstick is really red to the point, e […]

Guide:: Lipstick lipstick is really red to the point, even if there are more hot selling, hot color, but often can not wait for replenishment, not only very helpless, the cabinet sister also feels sorry. In fact, the pursuer is no longer a lipstick, and the air cushion lip pencil is also silently sold.
Lipstick lipstick is really red, it is not like words, even if there are hot sales, hot colors, but often can not wait for replenishment, not only very helpless, the cabinet sister also feels sorry. In fact, the pursuer is no longer a lipstick, the air cushion lip pencil is also silently sold, easy to use, good to draw, beautiful is not the key to success.
Fine lip makeup needs to be finished with a lip liner, but in addition to the makeup artist's skill and leisure work to make the lip makeup so delicate, who is it, will it be so serious? A few years ago, professional make-up artists began to like to use the fingertips to get a lipstick and gently pat on the lips. This way, you can draw the softest and most natural gradual lipstick, even if you like a little red lips. You can also do this, this is the predecessor of the air cushion lip pencil. Now, you don't need to use your fingertips to directly tap your lip muscles. Just use a cotton swab-style air cushion lip pencil to create such a professional and natural lip effect.
Air cushion lip pencil lip makeup:
1. Easily create a half-powder makeup
The air cushion lip pencil has a double-head design, one is a lip pencil, and the other is an air cushion. The method of using it is to first apply a lipstick, and then use the area of ​​the air cushion sponge to gently tap the lip muscle to make the original lipstick become more Powdery feeling. If the lipstick is rotated directly from the air cushion sponge head, it is easier to create a hazy lip makeup using the elastic pressure.
2. Waxy ingredients without lipstick
Generally, since the lipstick is formed into a paste, the waxy component is added, but the general waxy component is more or less burdensome. With the air cushion lip pencil, there is no such problem.
3. No need to carefully stroke the casual
Do not trace the lip line, become the new favorite of fashion makeup, such a fuzzy lip line, even without a lip line, but let the bright lip color, it does not look very old-fashioned, but relatively young and lively and cute.
4. Tap and repaint to create two makeup effects
Air cushion sponge lip tip, you can easily control the dosage, if you feel too much extrusion at a time, or draw too much, you can use a sponge to pat, let the lip color fade. If you want a full lip color, draw a little weight, which is not possible with ordinary lipstick.
6 air cushion lip pencils revealed
1. Double-effect air cushion dye pen, 0.8g*2 NT$1200
Two-color lip gloss gradient lipstick, double-headed design with air-cushion cotton head, you can first apply the texture to moisturize the light color to paint the entire lip, create a romantic powder lip color, and then rub the dark color in the middle of the lip. Create the effect of a progressive petal lip. A soft, fuzzy lip line that makes the lips more plump and full.
2 powder rose air cushion lip pencil, 1.1g*2 NT$1,050
The same is the design of the double-headed lip pencil. You can use the end of the cream texture to draw a matte surface with a light luster lip color. Then use the air cushion lip to gently tap the smudge to create a fuzzy limit line. Dye a soft lip color.
3 Perfect New York stunning lip glaze, 2.4ml NT$850
It is a lip glaze. In the past, the lip glaze used a cotton swab or a stick to wipe out the saturated and long-lasting lip gloss. This controllable amount of control and a soft air cushion lip brush can evenly color the lips. It is recommended to brush from the lip peak and the air cushion lip brush can also outline the lip contour.
4. Master Art Air Cushion Velvet Lip Glaze, 7ml NT$800
Specially suitable for the extrusion of the hose package, can draw a saturated and bright lip color, velvet material angled air cushion brush head, can be lightly rubbed or painted thick to show the saturated makeup matte surface, if repeated application will turn into a paint The glossy effect.
5. I love air cushion QQ lip, 2.5g NT$450
The air cushion brush gives the lip makeup a more moisturizing and radiant finish. It doesn't make your lips feel heavy or dry because of the bright colors. Camellia oil and hazelnut oil are in 5 colors, giving your lips a different look.
6. Render air cushion lip pencil, 1.25g NT$320
One side is a lip pencil, you can draw a thick and thin lip line or lip color, and then use the other end of the water-type air cushion Haiyan brush head, push the color to open the smudge, create a gradient of the fascinating lip makeup, advertised can hold Color does not take off makeup for 12 hours.